Orginal 1985 Jordan Air

a brand new episode of restoration in a big for today’s episode working and you’re working on the shoes that started at all the 1985 Chicago ones as you can see you need a lot of TLC for example we’re going to be giving this shoe the deep lean removing some of the yelling off the missiles repaying these uppers and women decreasing it’s going to be a long process so let’s just get started alright so the first thing we’re going to do is remove the shoelaces the insole and insert our accumulator adjustable chute tree alright so for this deep cleaning we’re going to be using the shoe a native three brush four ounce kit we’ll be using a suede brush for the uppers and a sole brush for the mixels [Music] [Music] all right so you guys go decent amount of cleaning on the uppers and soles now we’re gonna move on back to the suede brush to clean these tongs [Music] all right so rather than with the deep cleaning process as some of you guys might have noticed I didn’t clean the ankle area just because of how fragile it is if I go over with the brush and might potentially damage it so we’re going to go ahead and let these dry for a few hours come back and deoxidizer soles alright so the shoes are fully clean now the next thing I do is remove the yellowing off these goals we’re going to be using some salon care for tea and some saran wrap the way this product works you need the Sun or some UV red lights for this case we’ll be using my indoor setup [Music] all right so we’re back after removing the yellowing off the nettles check them out each side to about two hours to remove the yellowing now we’re going to move on to removing that’s lawn care for to use the machine later all right so next happens restoration is you remove the creasing we’re going to using the iron message to do so so the first thing I do is stuff these two boxes [Music] all right so in order for this method to work you’re going to want to paste a wet rag over the toolbox reckless and carefully iron out the creases one thing I should know about this process is you don’t want to detect your rag because it can potentially ruin the shoe by leaving the texture print on the toe boxes I always recommend using no t-shirt [Music] [Music] all right so you got most of the creasing on the tool box was removed check them out the shoe starts to look really really good so next I’m going to do is move on to leather we’re going to prepping using some rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls all right so the reason why we’re going to be using webbing alcohol instead of acetone is because these shoes are 31 years old and the leather on these are super fragile [Music] all right so we got the leather on these fully prepped up and then the next we’re going to do is lay down these pre-mixed custom white and red colors that match exactly the 1985 colorway we’re going to start with off-white all right so we’re starting to see some good progress right here check them out the difference on the toe box is day and night now we’re going to move on to the side panels on the shoe okay so we got the white lay down on all three sides and the next going to do is move on to the red color alright guys so they want to look at the shoe I thought I was almost done but I’m not too happy with the results on the white it was supposed to be enough white but the more I look at it it looks too white so I’m just going to go ahead and redo the white with a more vintage color [Music] she was about 95% done all we got to do is bring with the matte finish come back and wash the laces everybody [Music] all right so the last thing I’m going to do to finish shoes off experiments to rejuvenator shouldn’t put the authorizer alright guys let’s wrap it up on the school restoration in 1995 original Chicago ones to check out the before and afters they go different I started as restoration using rejuvenated three brush around kit then I moved on to repeating these uppers using these premix red and off-white colors then finished it off spraying some rejuvenator shoe and foot the authorizers all that stuff is available Irish ruminator comm make sure you my promo code and description below the 85 original Air Jordan one is usually one of my favorite shoes to work on I’ve worked on several pairs from Royals multiple pairs of breads multiple pairs of Chicago’s some of the metallic pairs as well and my favorite the Kentucky’s I even brought a couple pairs from my collection show you guys as well make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel because we get a lot of bill customs and restorations coming your way also leave me a comment in the comment section below and let me know what you guys thought about this video hope you guys enjoy it off CSX Monday

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