Olympic Gold Sneakers

Brand-new episode of restoration with a Vic today we’re gonna be restoring these Air Force 180 Olympic Barclays that I picked up on eBay for 25 bucks when I saw the pictures on the listing they look pretty bad but as soon as they came in and opened the box they looked a million times worse and he’s also smelled like puke these have a ton of yellowing on the stalls some creasing obviously need a big old deep clean and a metal repaint i’ve never we sort a pair of these so he’s gonna be a challenge for me just cuz these mentors have a splatter and gradient effect hopefully I could replicate this paint job back to factory enough talking let’s see these shoes can make a 180 turn around and be a force to reckon with let’s get started first thing I’ll do is remove the shoelaces and insert our adjustable remainder shoe tree to size [Music] shoelaces are out shoe trees in for this depleting process we’re gonna be using rejuvenating Street brushed nickel Ange system along with our 16-ounce bottle or souvenir solution and our brass bristle brush first pressure getting started with is a state bristle brush to clean up these Souls [Music] all done with a stiff bristle brush now honestly using the brass bristle brush to give these souls a deeper clean [Music] those are completely done they look really good now we’re gonna move on to the next brush which is the all-purpose to clean up these uppers [Music] she was a fully pretreated before we put the shoe inside the sink a laundry bag and put them in the washing machine we’re gonna pretreat the shoelaces inside a colossal ball first [Music] [Music] all right on to the next step which is my favorite because then I do any work the washing machine process as always we’re gonna want to use cold water with a regular cycle and of course and of course our rejuvenator sneaker line detergent all we need is a solid [Music] [Music] we are back shoes are fully dried and clean they look great smell great and tastes great just kidding they don’t smell great now the next I’m going to move on to is removing the yellowing off the soles use salon care for tea and saran wrap [Music] salon care for tea and ceramics applied and now we’re gonna put the shoes inside my aim well shut up [Music] we are back so they’re back to white they look good won’t tell me about 30 minutes on each side moving on to the next step is these midsole first thing we’re gonna do is tape off the uppers you could strip them using acetone and cotton balls [Music] all right shoes are fully strip now the next thing to do is remove this tape Andry tape issue shows include at this time [Music] all right we are back shoes are fully taped up perfectly the first color we’re going to lay down is a white on this pod this little pod right here and over here on this side using an angular brush [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] why this nice is a down on occupies of the shoe and I would them all to the second color which is this pre-mixed red that matches the original color on this back strip using the same brush [Music] the restaurants all done now we’re gonna move on to the third color which is navy blue that’s gonna go all around the Manso [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] just got done laying down the third code of the midsole now when you move on to the fourth color which is gonna be a gold gradient on both sides of the midsole first thing I’m gonna do is tape off some areas on the midsole so we can airbrush it on [Music] she’sa taped up napkins up and now we’re gonna apply there’s gold paint through the airbrush to create the great [Music] goes all lay down nice and even on both sides now we’re gonna move on to the last step on these midsole which is adding a splatter effect on the gold using the same blue we use on the midsole and using the toothbrush [Music] spatter effects all done now the next thing we’re new is your move all this tape and spray them want some krylon matte finish [Applause] [Music] our YouTube that is gonna wrap it up on this full restoration on Air Force One a tea party Olympics honestly not gonna lie these things came out fantastic all around look at them look at them restoration came out on OnPoint here’s the recap on what I did gave you shoes a full property to using illuminators three bursting alarm system put these shoes in the single laundry bag put them in the washing machine along with our singles our detergent got rid of all these deep stains on the uppers that horrible smell on the shoe and just look at the laces look at these laces and then look at these laces over here after the deep cleaning was fully done I moved onto the soles remove the yellowing and brought the soles back to branding white after that we’ve gone to the metals the metals came out perfect but it was a toughest part is for restoration just cuz it involved four colors a gradient effect and a splatter effect if you look at the splatter effect and gradient came out perfect matches the factory original mid soles you can find all these products you see right here at rejuvenator comm make sure to check out description below for my promo code this week’s carry winner and how to enter for the next week’s giveaway hope you have enjoyed this video and if you haven’t already subscribe to our youtube channel comment below and if one of you motherfuckers leave another comment below talking.

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