NBA’s Favorite Custom Shoe

I would see a white pair of shoes and I was just imagining what I could do with it and how far I could take it but it’s never been consistently more and more customs in the NBA they go into the game with a whole different like aura and the swagger you know he liked my art and he said why don’t you help me look good on the court and I’ll help you blow up in the NBA Dexter jump bombs chill homey this right here is my personal collection I mean it goes from Nike you know dunks all the way to Jordans to adidas I got some earrings in there so my favorite pair out of this whole collection actually made my own shoes I Rick and Marty’s sneakers right here this is the Russell Westbrook’s why not he follows me so he sees all my stuff I’ve been able to do shoes for over about 50 players in the league this past season some of my favorites with Donovan Mitchell Damian Lillard cat James Harden the biggest pair that I made for him was the free meek pair you know it was a huge controversial pair because you know meek Mill’s was in prison and that’s one of his best friends so it was just a way of him voicing his opinion this were all my clients and all the NBA players shoes are at and where I do all my work a couple of the shoes that I’ve already done these are for Ricky Rubio we did a little giveaway you got some UCLA players cleats one of my personal favorites these are for a big youtuber his name’s TD and he does a lot of gaming this pair right here I made for karl-anthony towns he’s one of my best friends in the league we are both big fans of stranger things and when he told me that he was a fan of the show the first thing I did was get home and paint these this is my workstation this is where I get all the work done I have a huge array of paints and I got my airbrush guns which is like my biggest weapon it’s not a huge space but it’s all I need I have a pair that I’ve been working on I call them the butterfly effects so these guys are already all taped up prepped ready to go you know initial black hits on there to make a darker deeper black I’m gonna be using the stencils airbrushing colors and all kinds of stuff and then I’ll go in on both pairs with some paint markers to add a couple final details these are for my boy Devin Carter he’s this Anthony Carter which used to play in the NBA before I started doing the sneakers I had only known of maybe two or three other pairs that had been done in the NBA in the past four years growing up I was into sneakers I just never had the money to buy sneakers as the years went by I started picking up different art crafts once I hit about 25 that’s when I started painting sneakers when I started to customizing had a lot to learn I messed up a lot of shoes a lot of disgruntled customers a lot of my shoes messed up but if you don’t go through it you’re never gonna learn pretty much now I’m partially colorblind and it’s been a challenge for one of my boys Josh Hart from the Lakers I had made him this fortnight’s sneaker and I put him on there as a character I sent a picture to my manager and he was like it looks dope are you gonna leave his face green no idea it was great yeah those are like little things that I go through that I had to train my mind with in the first year I was building a lot of connections networking with a lot of big sneaker blogs and you know as the ball kept rolling my following I started to increase in 2016 I was on my way to sneaker con LA I had a table with over seven pairs of shoes that I had customized to look like Nike Air Mags with lights in them and everything and everybody was hyped to see it I was on the freeway on my way to the sneaker con and I got in a pretty bad accident that pretty much messed up my lower back so I pretty much went missing in action for about a year people were like oh did he die did you just give up I went through a little depression I went from making pretty decent money doing it to making nothing and having to pick up a minimum-wage job you know at a warehouse so I picked up that warehouse job but something happened where I said I want to see who’s following me still and that’s when I saw karl-anthony towns was following me so I just shot my shot and I sent him a DM and he responded very quickly and he liked my story she liked my art and he said why don’t you help me look good on the court and I’ll help you blow up in the NBA so that’s how it happened and then Halloween came on and I made his Jason pair and went viral and there was people trying to put in orders for the shoe and that’s when I knew like I literally walked out of that warehouse I never went back so right here I have the Jason shoes I made for cat and the ones that belong on that this is definitely one of my favorites I’m doing this because I love you the ones that are in here for the fame and stuff they don’t like the fact that I’ve grown so fast the other hurdles I had to overcome was how cutthroat and how cruel other people can be as far as other artists after the accident I was scared of getting back to painting sneakers I was I was actually very close if not already at the point where I had just given up if I didn’t come back to doing what I loved I probably still be at that warehouse man it was just a wake-up call you know you could be doing so much more so we just pulled up two kicks bids right now sneaker consignment shop where I used to work what you’re looking for not these this is the ID yeah its ID this is Back to the Future brothers put lights on it is there 11 do like these I’ve always told sell had great abilities I mean to take a shoe and really just not even have a whole lot of people telling him like this is what I want people just tell him like hey I just want something with a Dodger theme or you know Dragon Ball Z or whatever the way he comes up with things on his own is just amazing there’s some that you value more than others that I wouldn’t want to touch you know so you know for instance like the shadow one is just it’s just a great colorway you know it’s really neutral to wear it with a lot of stuff not to say I never have customized a pair of these but if it was mine I probably wouldn’t but then there’s other ones like these they’re all white and it just makes for the perfect custom sneaker heads as a whole love what I do at this point everybody wants to be different everybody’s getting tired of the same stuff you know so that’s where we come in as artists and we’re able to give these people a platform where they could wear something that nobody else has all right boom are both last color now we’re gonna pick out the stencils we start adding white spec one like a little bit on the wings and the little bubbles over here I think my art has been able to you know live on through a lot of different guys personalities there it is final product now the last and final step is taking it up take some pictures man ain’t worth it unless the world gets to see them right there’s so much more behind a player than what you see on the court going into next season I want to start prepping for you know my own shop started taking it up a notch who knows where to go from there

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