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Air Jordan 33 thanks so much for tuning in today whether you rock through the channel for a long time or this is your very first video I really appreciate you being here and it’s my way of showing appreciation to you guys for being here I’m actually giving away a pair of off-white Blazers this is a brand new size 10 that I just bought off stock X and I’m really excited to give it to one of you guys the official giveaway starts very very soon if you’d like to know how to enter the giveaway make sure you subscribe down below because I’ll be dropping a video on it in the very near future also make sure that you’re following me on instagram and on twitter at real Seth Fowler because I will be dropping more information on the giveaway over there as well but with all that out of the way I’m gonna put this pair down very carefully right there and we’ll jump into the video every year since 1985 Jordan Brand has released the latest version at their Air Jordan sneaker classics and my personal favorites include the 1 the 3 the 4 the 11 and so on and as I’m sure you all know Jordan sneakers have been some of the most iconic sneakers to ever release what’s interesting about Jordan brand is that every new sneaker that they release is specifically designed for performance so even though over the years the ones through 14s have been extreme lifestyle hits they weren’t originally designed for that and ever since 1985 Jordan Brand has stayed true to that design philosophy and only incorporated the newest and best performance technology into their latest sneakers because of the huge lifestyle based following that Jordan Brand has a lot of their fans haven’t bought into the newer sneakers because they just don’t like the way that they look off court so over the last two years with the Jordan 31 and the 32 in order to appease this huge lifestyle following Jordan Brand has tried to incorporate different design elements from the Jordan 1 and the Jordan 2 and up until this year it looked like Jordan Brand was gonna continue that trend and base the Air Jordan 33 on the Air Jordan 3 but instead they took a completely different approach and created a sneaker that’s much more innovative and forward-facing than a sneaker based on nostalgia so without further ado here it is the Air Jordan 33 [Music] [Music] the first thing I want to get out of the way really quick guys is that this is not gonna be your performance review this is purely gonna be a lifestyle focused review so if you do want to learn about the performance aspects of this sneaker I highly recommend checking out Nightwing or we’re testers video or the soul brothers video I’ve watched both of them and they’re they’re excellent I’ll link both of them in the description below their reviews have been out for a while they’ve had a chance to actually play in the shoes and really get a good feel for them I haven’t had that opportunity yet and I feel like I really only need to give this shoe a lifestyle review just because there’s already much better performance reviews than anything that I could do out in the world and I feel like there are already much better performance reviews than anything I could do already available so if you’re only interested in the performance aspects of this sneaker definitely check out those videos also the reason I actually even wanted to do a lifestyle review on this shoe is because I feel like it’s one of the best looking performance basketball sneakers that have dropped this year I feel like there’s actually a lot of really cool stuff going on and this is a shoe that I’d really consider wearing casually so with that being said jumping right to the upper of the sneaker itself on the toe of the shoe you’ve got this really soft white mesh material it’s backed by stretching neoprene for comfort but also shape even though there are a few layers of material on the toe it is still relatively breathable around the tip of the toe you’ve got this clear piece of fuse overlay for added durability on the forward mid foot of the lateral side you’ve got this black piece of nubuck primarily for added durability but I also kind of think it looks nice on the medial side you’ve got this perforated piece of white leather both of these pieces of material on either side actually how’s the brand new Air Jordan 33 lacing system as I’m sure you’ve already heard the Air Jordan 33 does not use standard laces this shoe has a super cool pulley system that’s actually easier to use in regular laces which I didn’t think was possible and also it locks down your foot really nicely so first things first in order to actually get into the shoe you need to loosen this strap on the medial side that allows you to move the tongue forward to actually get your foot into the shoe then once you’ve gotten your foot back into the you just Ravel kro the strap like this and then literally all you have to do is pull this tab here until it tightens around your foot it’s like stupidly simple and it creates a really excellent fit but my favorite part about this lacing system isn’t actually how easy it is it’s the fact that when you look at the bottom of the shoe you’ve got this clear cutout in the mid foot and through that cutout you can actually see the latching mechanism working in real time it’s crazy the way Jordan Brand promoted this lacing system before the sneaker was even announced was show these really intricate images of a watch it definitely has like a super high-end watch face vibe to it and I just think it looks so dope I actually also love the fact that it’s almost like a hidden design detail and you wouldn’t know to look for it if you didn’t know about the shoe I mean honestly look at that that’s so sick this fit system or lacing system works by using these really thin pieces of white thread I guess thread might be the wrong word it looks like they’re more of a wire I actually think this is the same wire that they use in their fly wire systems this wire runs all the way throughout the mid-foot of the sneaker and obviously down to the bottom of the shoe so when you pull the tighten the laces it tightens up the entire mid foot of the shoe all the way around your foot it’s also interesting because this red strap is also connected to fly wire inside the shoe itself and then the other crazy part about this lacing system is that in order to get out of the shoe all you have to do is undo this strap here on the side and then pull the eject cord right here and that’s it you’re out of the shoe it’s an absolutely crazy system and I’m blown away by the fact that it just works so well the benefit to this system obviously besides ease of use is the fact that you can actually tighten this very quickly during game or in any sort of active situation you don’t have to sit down on a bench or honestly even stop for that matter you can just kind of pull this and you’re good to go it’s a crazy system kudos and Jordan Brand because this this is dope something I really like about the industrial design of this shoe is that every one of these little details that you interact with looks like it’s meant to be interacted with so for example this pull tab right here used to tighten the shoe literally says pull on it and it also gives your fingers enough clearance so it’s easy to pull no matter what the situation is not only that but the strap on the side of the shoe that you actually need to open to get your foot into the shoe is bright red and it’s super easy to see and super easy to pull and then finally the last detail is a subject cord which literally says inject underneath it and it also comes in this super bright yellow and black stripe this whole shoe honestly reminds me of the inside of a fighter jet I love it moving up the shoe you get to this oversized black nubuck tongue and like the original Air Jordan 3 you’ve got this giant Jumpman embroidered in the center and gold at the top of the tongue you’ve got the super thick black pull tab with these red stripes running across the top this tongue is not centered it’s somewhat asymmetrical just to make it a little bit easier for your foot to actually get into the shoe on the back of the tongue you’ve got a j33 written in Roman numerals you’ve got a pretty well padded black sock liner around the ankle area and heel of the sneaker and then rounding off the inside of the shoe you’ve got this red insole with the black jump man printed on the heel as for fit I’ve heard multiple things especially when it comes to performance wear I’ll tell you right now from personal experience if you’re only wearing this for lifestyle wear probably go true to size I’ve definitely heard mixed things when it comes to performance wear though some people say that they want to go true to size other people say that they want to go down emphasize one thing to absolutely keep in mind though is that this shoe definitely runs narrow so if you have a wide foot I definitely don’t suggest going down half a size because it’ll just be too small for my personal Air Jordan sneakers I usually go true to size and that always seems to work for me but one thing I will say is that if you have a chance to try on the shoe first before you buy it make sure you do that to make sure the sizing is right for you continuing back on the sneaker you’ve got this thin white leather heel counter I guess it’s sort of mimics the shape of the Air Jordan 3 steel counter but I might also be a stretch and then moving around to the heel of the sneaker you find the only real indication that this says any design inspiration from the Air Jordan 3 this black heel tab like the original Air Jordan 3 you have your Nike Air branding except this time around it’s embroidered in gold also a little detail is that on the top of the pull tab you’ve got this gold accent which is also mimicked on the back of the tongue as well…..

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